Babies and Lilacs


Today is just one of those perfect spring days. A little breeze, a sky full of sunshine, green trees, green grass, and the scent of lilacs wafting through the air.


We have baby birds on each side of our house. This was the nest of the house finches a couple of days ago. Looks like there are only two babies left of the 4 that I could detect. They are fully feathered and fill up the nest.


Now the nest today is truly empty. They are out under their mother and fathers watchful eyes, but I am sure they must be in the vicinity.


Then behind us we have the two families of geese. Today has been very enjoyable to watch them. They take a glide around the pond, not straying far from their parents. Then they go up on the bank and plop down on the grass. One of the parents go down to the edge and call them down to take a drink. They come up on the grass and start eating….whatever it is….and they hear a noise and in synchronization turn and run to mom. It’s a treat to watch these babies.


Baby robin, hoping that mom will bring back a juicy worm or is it thinking it is time to take flight. It is certainly standing tall there on the edge of the nest.


The wonderful smelling lilac bush and we have another in the front of the garage. It is putting on a good show this year.


Mother robin, chirp, chirp, chirping at me. She is a busy lady keeping an eye on everything. BTW, I did see her with a big fat juicy worm in her mouth. A mothers work is never done. Hope you are enjoying your spring too.

me oh my…bean soup


Inside this pot…… guessed it….I’m sure….Ham and Bean Soup. I am going to share my recipe for this. It smells so good and makes the best broth. This time I used a package of dried Navy Beans but have at other times used the ready to use beans in a jar. I let the dry beans soak overnight to soften them up. In a large pot I put 1 package or jar of navy beans…. water to cover plus 2 inches over…. 1 large onion chunked not diced if you have someone who doesn’t like the feel of onion as we do. 1 celery stalk chopped…. chunked up ham…1/2 to 1 pound…. 2 T. brown sugar…. salt and pepper to taste…. 1 tsp. minced garlic…. 2 T. Worcester sauce. Stir together and let simmer for 3 hours. I will be making cornbread to go with this also.


I got this nice ham at the grocery last night. I like a little fat on the outside, I think it helps the flavor.


I cut off what I needed for my soup ( I took off the fat) and wrapped it up in foil. In a couple of days I am going to bake this and make scalloped potatoes. At our house we say we are open 24 hours a day. There is somebody up during all hours because of the times they work. I like to have something that is filling and keeps well so that there is something to eat without any more preparation then the microwave. We try to eat well, and not so fattening, but I also like to have food that tastes very good. I would rather eat less of something that tastes fantastic, than eat more of something that tastes like cardboard because all the fat and sugar has been removed . Moderation is the key to everything.

I also am going to make up some strawberries and shortcake.  Good dessert, and something easy to dish up yourself.

I also have some asparagus to bake….I will meet resistance with wrinkled nosed possibly, but if the cook likes it….the cook makes it.


Why am I making something that is usually saved for cooler weather, you are wondering I bet….well maybe not. This is the kind of weather we are having today….rain, heavier rain, really heavy rain and wind. Normally you can’t see the water on the far pond because it is down there. Not so today. We have had the wettest June on record here. It keeps the grass green and the flowers watered but people who are flooded are having a tough go.


The geese are even huddled over on the far bank. Standing water in the bean field. That goes down into a creek that runs into the far pond you saw earlier. I hope we have a little moderation on the rain here soon for everybody’s sake. Other places in the US would love some water, like California and Utah. The weather amazes me all the time. Till next time…..Thanks for stopping!