Happy 2020

Happy New Year from these Patriotic Party Cats. I like New Years Day, it’s all fresh and new, starting over, thinking about what is ahead and what we left behind and what we are still working on. Planning and lists, feeling discombobulated if I don’t do it, like going in circles. “Failing to plan is a plan to fail”, don’t know the first person who said it, but it is good and true. Leaving room for fluidity though because plans always seem to change and no need for meltdowns. Then we use the other line of “Access, Adapt and Overcome”. My husband first used that line when he was an Indiana State Trooper. We have gained much usable lines from that 25 years of our lives.

UPDATE on knee rehabilitation.
Yesterday, December 31st I had my second therapy session. The first was the day after Christmas and it was the initial assessment, light exercises and printouts of the ones I need to do at home, which I faithfully did. it really made a difference. I could stand and walk with both feet flat on the ground. I use a cane for long distances as in walking from the kitchen to the bedroom. My cane was my Grandfathers, who passed away in the early 90’s. Somehow I inherited it, but don’t remember how. It comes in handy to shoot cat toys out from underneath the furniture along with those dust bunnies. Our niece used it for a Halloween costume and then it just usually resides in a corner in my studio. We did have to get a new rubber tip for it, the other probably just fell off because it was old. Never did I think that I would be using it for a safety net of walking. I was told that it was a little taller than I needed but it still works. I was also told that I needed to use it on the opposite side of the injury which made a huge difference too. I have this picture of Santa’s cane that he left in the house in the old Miracle on 34th Street. My cane looks just like it and I think he must have left it like I do. I hang it on hooks and put it in obscure corners so it doesn’t fall over and then I go about my business and then I can’t find it. “Hey has anyone seen my cane?”

This picture of Nancy Kerrigan right after she was hit in her right knee with a retractable metal baton so that she would not be able to compete against Tonya Harding , that is how I felt. They hit her in her landing knee (she is a figure skater) and after that moment all probably looked pretty bleak. But she was only bruised, thankfully and went on to compete in the Olympics a month later. You can read about it here.

So it has now been an month since my whatever happened to my right knee. Arthritis reared it’s ugly head. I am thinking, I have to pitch tents and sell my art and I can’t do it in this condition, that is how I make my money! Then I have my household to take care of and what about walking in the sunshine?

My second session I have my therapist Katie. She did some good work on that knee and pushed on it to touch pretty flat. I was amazed and did some other stretching exercises. She said firmly to me, “You are going to have to walk and bend your knee! You are throwing your foot out and walking with a stiff knee.” “I know, I am afraid to bend it”. She said, “You need to do this!” It made sense, in all my therapy nothing hurts. I seriously have to think about it but I have that trusty cane and I need to do it, because I need to get better. Plus I most likely won’t have that shooting pain in my back.

So of course, yesterday, it snowed and turned cold. I had an 8:15 am appointment. The snow wasn’t this bad and we don’t have huge pine trees like this either. I had my husband follow me in, (he was going that way anyhow) and help me across the parking lot. I haven’t left the house much for a month and when one is not fleet of foot it is scary too. I pictured myself sprawled out on the parking lot even though it wasn’t too far to the front door. Like a good husband, he helped me. I said I was going pretty slow driving wasn’t I? In his usual dry sarcasm, “I could have passed you three times driving backwards”. It made me recall when I was learning to drive a stick shift. I was scared that something would run out in front of me so I wouldn’t drive fast. He said that I would putt, putt, putt along and that is what I was doing the other day.

So I am going slow and ask my family for help. Trying to walk straight and bend my knee and gaining confidence, little by little.

My goals for 2020…….make a lot of good art, I have some furniture to paint, quilts to quilt people to see and places to go.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing.

Theodore Roosevelt