Pile of Cats

Today the kittens are five weeks old. I had to capture this rare moment of non movement. They are funny because they can fall asleep anywhere in the room, but eventually they will migrate back together into this pile.

Four of the six are using the litter box, which is fabulous! I can’t wait till the other two catch on to this great idea, it will make my workload lighter.

Sorry these pictures are blurry, it’s because they are moving all the time when they are not eating or sleeping. When I come into the room immediately I have two or three standing on my shoes. You really have to be careful when you are walking around.

Then they will start climbing my leg, and when I have capris on I will look down and see blood running down my leg. I went in to get a pedicure and had to explain about all the scratches around my ankles.

They are so funny and cute and such a joy!

We are three weeks old today

I am just amazed at how fast the kittens grow! I took the previous post pictures on sunday and now they can walk so much better. I sit on the floor and some come over and climb up my leg. They are just so CUTE!

Walking around and meowing with each step.

When they are in the box they bump into each other, wrestle and chew ears, paws. It has been really fun to watch them develop and each has their own personality for sure.

The Kittens are Here!

I feel like the housekeepers in 101 Dalamations…The Puppies are Here! Here are the kittens just hours old. When I got home from work at 10:30 she had one of them. I sat there with her for four hours to help her with the rest. She is a really good Mama! A very tired lady right now too.

A little more close up, she didn’t even care if I had the camera pointed in there. It appears that the big grey cat that walks through the yard sometimes is the dad, he needs to be caught and neutered, as Mama will be spayed in about 8 weeks. Many do have the extra toes too. The miracle of birth is awesome! We are going to need homes for these kittens, please consider it.