Creative Womens Market at Wunderkammer

This thursday, June 7th, I will be setting up at Wunderkammer for the Creative Womens Night from 6pm to 9 pm. The address is 3402 Fairfield Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN.  I will have with me Fine Art Prints, Reproduction Note Cards, and smaller originals.

This 6 X 6 original will be with me titled “Love Your Neighbor”.

This brand new 9 X 12 original will also be along, titled “Don’t Be So Serious”.

I will also bring along the poppy titled “Live Out Loud” and the one below “Orange Bouquet”. Check out the Facebook page for more information. It is always a fun night with lots of interesting artists. If you have anything that you would like me to bring just let me know.


Creative Women’s Market

On my home page you will find my show schedule and I have included the dates where I will be setting up at the Wunderkammer Arts Center. I was at the first one in April and even though it was a rainy/flurry night there were quite a few patrons that came through. This market celebrate creative women and there were artists, jewelry makers, seamstress, bakers, gardeners and soapmakers on my end. There are two rooms. Along with this there was a running photographer exihibit on the walls. I had access to the door going out to the courtyard and it was really interesting. Once the warm weather shows up it will be quite pretty because there are many areas that have garden growth. Mountains were painted on the brick building that is the south side.

The fence that is the east side and next to the road has items attached to it for privacy I am sure. The pathway is painted also.

I was not sure what all to bring since I normally set up in a tent. So I brought my three easels and three large canvases, prints, painted rocks, notecards and small canvases that can sit up on their own. It was fun and I met new people. My next one I will be at is in June.

This building used to be an italian restaurant that was very popular. All the flooring had been taken up and there was just a cement floor. I was trying to think if I had ever eaten in the room I was showing in. This picture shows the east wall that has been painted very colorfully. It was a fun night, only three hours and a different venue than where I normally am at. I look forward to returning in June.