HGTV Magazine


I picked up the March issue last week. I had to laugh when I read the 50 things you can toss, and not miss them. Just about every item I had somewhere in the house. I scanned it for your convenience so you too can clean out your “crap”.


Page Two of items that you have permission to throw away with no guilt.


I am all about color, I thrive on it. This is why I like this magazine, it is so colorful. This article I particularly liked. This woman featured in this article had no problem using bold colors in the house.


I love the outside of the home, with the brick and the black and white. As the article says, it doesn’t give a hint of the wonderful color scheme inside the house.


The light blue wall paint, the fuchsia lamps and the wonderful large art that brings it all together. Beautiful live flowers on the table also.


Look at this bold green room with the geometrical designs on the back of the bookshelves. The rug mimics the design too. I won’t go through all the pages but you get the idea.


This article was fun also and it gives, not run of the mill, ideas to decorate. They are very fun.


The point I wanted to highlight especially is in the box. I dare you to hang a giant piece of art on the wall instead of a bunch of small ones. I have been trying to do that in areas of the house and it makes a nice statement. I am doing larger art pieces for this also. I have noticed on house refabs that large pieces of art are being hung on the walls and it is very neat. I am an HGTV addict, I have it on in my studio all the time when I am painting. I can look briefly but listen the most. I love all of the shows on it. It kind of pushes me to keep the house clean and don’t you think it’s irritating that people who come from houses that look like they are hoarders complain about whether there is a fire hydrant in their yard or need to change the granite counter top to another color. Come on people! Thanks for stopping!




This is the largest canvas that I have worked on and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This painting makes my heart sing. I just love color so much. It will be a challenge to get it all scanned in and put together but I will be offering prints of it in my Etsy store.


Sophie is looking out on my inspiration, through a dirty window. I am going to get out there today and clean it. The last rain a few days ago really did the dirty number on it. Sophie really doesn’t seem to mind though.


A sneak peek of my next painting. I guarantee it will have much more color on it. That tabletop easel was a great investment of $10.00. It was half off one day at Michaels Crafts and works perfect for the smaller canvases. My 13 year old niece was with me that day. She is an aspiring artist and thought that was a pretty neat buy and she picked one up also. She bought some canvas and some wonderfully bright paints. I am looking forward to seeing what she made with them. The 3 neighbor kids stopped by yesterday to bring over garden goods. Nice red potatoes this time. I love it when they stop because they look for all the cats, see what is in process in my studio, we talk about what has been going on in their lives. One approved of this piece….that is really artistic, you are using all kinds of things like the newspaper and words, thats really good. You cannot get any better approval than that!


I have a tendency to start using using ALL the colors I like, but I decided to use a little co-ordination on this painting. I think it was working for me. Glad I pulled it out. Hey, thanks for stopping by!