Animal Faces

I love animals and creating them in mixed media is great fun for me. For this post I am going to show a few that I have done. First off this is our cat Lily. She is a funny gal who drags socks and gloves around while meowing. This is the look that is given when it is treat time at 9 pm. It can be felt across the room and my husband Tom says that she would be a great interrogator with that face.
My animal pictures are not exact replicas, they are in my style. This painting is called “Lovely Lily’s Flower Crown”. This is done in Shiva paint sticks and acrylic paint.
This is my friends dog named Rocky. She takes him to nursing homes and schools. She doesn’t use social media so she won’t see this but I am going to surprise her with this soon.
A little 6 X 6 picture done in wallpaper and acrylic paint.
This is “Houndog” and I was going to do a workshop with kids and thought making the head and body with large wallpaper pieces would work well. The rest are done with acrylic paint. It was on a 5 X 7 flat canvas panel and a fork was used to make the design on the background.
This is our dog Gretchen who we acquired in 1987. She was part German Shepherd and part big black dog. She passed away when she was 12.
I made this for my husband, where it had wallpaper, Shiva paint sticks and acrylic paint. She loved being outside, taking walks, playing ball, begrudged when we were eating pizza and one time had her whole head in a bowl eating cookies.
Many times I go on the Animal Care site and save pictures of different animals. I wanted a black and white cat for a colorful picture.
This painting is titled “Bob’s Hideout” and this phase shows it is not totally completed yet. There should be something above Bob.
Here is our cat Pavel and I used his face and body for the next painting.
It is titled “Cat Love” and I used many different patterns of wallpaper because cats come in all different colors. He is sleeping in the grass and has things around him that cats enjoy like watching birds and butterflies, and playing with feathers. I made that painting thinking about all the different cats I have had in my life.
This is Rolf and his picture came from Animal Care. He is such a happy fellow but he chewed up his bed and he like to chew boots too. He likes to play ball and have sticks thrown for fetch. Many times he also had muddy paws.
Meet Frida, she did not turn out like her picture, this is what Frida wanted her painting to look like. People ask me if Frida is a dog or a skunk, and I said it is what you want her to be. A wonderful woman watched Frida all year and by the end she decided to give her a good warm home with lots of love.
This is Mackie and she was a dog of Tom’s Ohio cousins. I loved this picture of the nose closeup. I used her picture for a few things, a postcard entry for the Artlink show in Fort Wayne.
Here I was practicing drawing in my sketchbook.
Here I made a painting titled “Unconditional Love”. For every print that I sell I donate to Animal Care and control.

This is another dog from Animal Care. My friend Karen wanted a painting done with a white dog and mostly sunflowers but with other flowers too.
I loved the way it turned out and it is call “Puppy Love”. The size is 36 X 48.
I used my niece’s pets a few times. This is their French Bulldog whose name is Watson. I loved his bow tie and ears.
He is in a painting titled “Among Friends” that contains many different elements and is very fun and colorful.
Here he is with their cat Willie which it looks like they are quite good friends.
I think Willie has great facial features.
His painting is titled “Graffiti Cat” which found a home with this lovely woman.
Willie’s two brothers and mother live with us.
My friend Michelle’s family dog Kula made a painting. I had a picture with the close up of the nose and I decided to add a baseball hat that says Adopt. With the size of the nose, I titled it “Snoop Doggy”. She bought it for her son, Elijah, for his birthday since Kula is his very good friend.

All these paintings are available in my online store, click here.

or if you would like a painting of your own with your animal, please use the form below.

It’s Been Too Long – catching up

I love to write blog posts. It doesn’t seem like it though, does it? I don’t get them done because it takes me too long. I want to put in pictures I can’t find. I don’t like to write a lot because I think blogs should be entertaining and informative but not wordy. When I look at blogs I really like pictures and when I see long, wordy paragraphs and no pictures, I move on. Here is my new attempt to write a blog post, because I am sure there are things you want to know…right? So maybe a short daily post, we will give it a try. April 7, 2022

Let me tell you about Whiskers. I leave food out for the neighborhood cats on my porch. I even have small heated huts too. Nothing makes me happier when I see them use the huts, there are two. Whiskers started coming around every morning and evening about a year and a half ago. I would not see him during the day, he would leave like he went to work and then come back around dusk. He had been neutered by animal care because he had a clipped ear so I was glad about that, no more making little kitties. So we became friends and I would pet him, and eventually I could pick him up, but he wouldn’t stay but 30 seconds at the most.
So he made his way into my heart and Toms too. As you can tell he made it into a painting. We would look for him and would be worried if he wasn’t around for a couple days. But he would eventually show again. We kicked around putting a cat cam on him because we always wondered if he had another family. But decided he wouldn’t put up with that. Once in the winter there was a 12 inch snowfall and I didn’t see him for a week but then here he came trotting up the driveway when he found a way around the snow. He was the toughest cat we knew. It would be 14 degrees out and he would not go into the heated hut, he would sit on our porch chairs. Finally I put one of the heated pads on the porch chair and he accepted that. He didn’t accept too many other cats to eat at the bowl when he was around, but there was one little tiger kitty that they would show up together. They would eat together, chase each other and when it was warm they would cat around at night. When it was cold she would go in the hut and he would sleep on the heated pad. She was a very skittish cat and I was never able to touch her. I could talk to her and she would roll around, and wait for the food bowl to be filled, but never get close.
Finally, this winter we were going to have a big snowfall and I snatched him up and put him in our garage, we were tired of worrying about him. After a couple of weeks I had a plan to send one of our other cats to live at our sons house. One that was very attached to Kevin and introduce Whiskers into our house. I took him to the vet and they checked him out and tested his blood and he ended up being FIV positive. That means that he cannot live with us and our other cats. It comes from getting a bite from an infected cat, so he has to live in a one cat household. Change of plans, he is going to live with our sons. The stress of change of environment maybe brought on a urinary tract infection for him, so back he came, back to the vet for antibiotics (a shot) and pain meds. Took him back when he was better because I told him he will have a whole house to wander and windows to look out of to watch the birds. Warmth and plenty of food. Two weeks later the UTI returned, we got different antibiotic of which I gave to him every day and pain meds, we were so concerned we were not going to bring him out of it, especially with FIV. But we did it, and I am happy to report that he is back at the boys house living the good life. He is playing with toys, sleeping on the beds and the couch, watching the birds. He will always be on special food but he is worth it. Oh and Little Kitty comes around and eats, probably every night. She lets me talk to her, but never too close. We also have a look alike Whiskers (possibly a brother) another cat that has a diamond marking on his nose, a yellow striped cat too. They all stop by at certain times of the night. The food bowl is usually almost empty. I keep them in a big heated dish so the food doesn’t freeze and they also have a heated water bowl too. Sometimes I have caught two raccoons feasting and I shoo them on their way. Sometimes I have to shoo them twice because they will go in the bushes and peek out when they think I have gone inside, then I clap at them and tell them to move on. They pick it clean, pick up the plastic food bowls and move them to get to the stray pieces of food and discard them on the porch somewhere. No social graces with them.

Added to my store

I am catching up and getting the newer paintings added to my online store. These are only for reproductions as I am taking the originals to the art fairs that I am selling at. This painting is Titled “Just Visiting”. A beautiful Luna Moth stopped by in my yard for a short visit till it hopped the next breeze that came through. This reproduction can be purchased in three sizes and click here to go to the store.
This painting is called “Heart of Man” and it has 44 different species added to it. I enjoyed researching and painting each and every one. I had taken an early painting and gave it a facelift. The early painting was titled “Pursue the Passion” and it is listed in my shop also. To find “Heart of Man” click here. The original painting is sold.
“Rejoice” was completed two weeks ago.. It is a mixed media painting and the next time I will be showing the original is at Market on 6th in Auburn, Saturday September 4th. This barn owl is showing it’s beautiful wings while it lands on the nest sheltering three precious eggs. The title came from the Henry David Thoreau quote used on it. Click here to go to the store for a reproduction. It can also be purchased in three different sizes.
“Lets Party” has finally made it to the store. I started this years ago then misplaced my pad. I then started another which can be found on my store titled “Party Cats” which it is very similar but smaller. These are some of our family cats who I thought needed a party. They have their hats, balloons, confetti and must have started dancing on the wall. This is perfect to give to a cat lover for their birthday. It comes in three sizes also. Click here to go to the store.

I will be posting more this week and also working on a larger blog post about other events that are happening in our lives. I have lots of pictures to share.

Going Many Ways

Things are going well here at the Studio. We as a family have many things going on this summer. I had an art show early June. It was as the Village of Winona. I had not been there before as an artist and it it was well run, well organized and it was nice to be back at it. My son Kevin, is my helper for the summer. My knees are not good and he agreed to accompany me to all my shows. We set up the date yesterday for a double knee replacement for October. So with cortisone and Kevin and Tylenol I will be able to get through the summer and have successful shows. This Painting is a new one that I finished last month. “Favorable Wind” was purchased at the show.
This renewed painting was also purchased by the same sweet customer. It is “Heart of Man”. It was great fun deciding which animals to choose to paint.
The pot of flowers also was purchased “Makes Me Happy”” is the title. Oh and Snoop Doggy original 6 X 6 is available for $50.00 plus tax.
Another painting sold at the Fort Wayne Artists Guild Pop Up Gallery. This one is titled “Under Our Feet”. I am so thankful that people get a connection with my art.
I am really thrilled that I figured out why so many of my I phone pictures were not accessible for my computer. I have so many good ones but I figured it out and will be entertaining you with this post, hope you won’t be bored.
Another exciting thing for our sons are that they have purchased a house together and will probably be moving in by late July. It is close so we can do it a little at a time and it is going to need to be painted and carpets cleaned. The thought of moving something overwhelms me, so I am kind of the organizer, which I can do.
This large painting was recently completed last month. I call it “Blooming Fireworks”. It was fun to do and is 36 X 48.
Had fun painting this rock for a confirmation gift along with the paper mache box. I will probably have a few of these at certain shows this summer.
My friend Theresa and I took a little trip to Fort Recovery Ohio this week. There was a really fun home shop that we picked up a few items at. Then we ate at a little restaurant. It looked like the town was going to shut down the Main Street to have some kind of Jubilee and they seemed excited about it. People were walking around smiling and saying it was a good day. As you can tell by the name it has a Fort and these murals are really great that they had painted on the walls of the buildings.
We also stopped at a strawberry farm that had Upick. Thank goodness we didn’t have to do that and could buy a bucket of them. I made shortcake and Theresa has made freezer jam and that is also on my agenda for today.
I am also working on a line of stitchery to sell at some of my shows. Some art shows you jury in with just the art and others an artist is able to sell other items because it is not a juried show. I love hand embroidery and putting fabrics together. Some are made from old quilt blocks and some tattered quilts. I have so much fabric and other fun items that I decided to make pictures and frame them. I will be adding some other stitched products to be announced later. I grow catnip and will be making cat toys with stuffing and catnip made with upholstery fabric. That fabric is tough and cannot be torn apart “usually”. I just signed up for a summer workshop with a favorite stitcher House Wren Studio. She is an inspiration. The workshop is called “My Indigo Kitchen”.
This is a recent picture of four out of six of our cats. I thought it was funny with them all in a row. There is usually at least one in my studio but not four at once.
This is Sophie the ornery one. She is a paper shredder. You have to make sure that any important papers are put up. There will be chunks out of them by the morning. It must just feel good. I found her on the road and she had been thrown or had been sleeping in a car body that left for work and she was thrown. Her bottom lip was bleeding because it was pulled back with road rash. She was all of twelve ounces. She has overcome her disability as you can see. I say she is just too short. This picture makes me laugh. I keep my wallpaper books in this closet and she gets in there and tears up the loose papers.
This beautiful Luna Moth stopped by on the outside of the bug zapper. I read up on them. They have no mouths and don’t eat and last just a short time, maybe two weeks? It was a pretty sight to see.
We have our usual tree swallows that have produced three babies. They are some hardworking parents. I don’t see them in the nest anymore so I think the babies have taken off. I am wondering if there will be another round of them.

So my next show is July 10 and 11 at Art in the Park in Fort Wayne’s Freiman Square. Then we are taking a weeks vacation to Frankfort, Michigan. So looking forward to this, it has been a long time. Then July 31 and August 1 will be a nice Fort Wayne show at Coventry.

I would like to get a couple more paintings completed, they are in my mind, just have to get them on Canvas. I am not a fast painter and am always amazed of the painters who are. I have some books to show but that will have to wait till next time. I had scanned them in a PDF format which is not supported here.

We are having Fathers Day dinner this Sunday, grilled steaks and chicken, Texas sheet cake, make ahead potatoes, Naan bread, fruit salad. Looks like Sunday will be warm, we have paint colors to talk over. Have a wonderful holiday and say thanks to Dad ❤💙

staying busy

Staying at home is not a whole lot different from my regular work day so I am not feeling it like many of you who leave home for work and interact with many children and adults. I do miss going to visit my son who lives across town and we would go out to eat, etc. For now we use messenger face to face and it will do, it’s good to see his face.
I was going to Physical therapy but have graduated and now I just plan a quick trip to the grocery store.
Tom’s job has been deemed essential, so he goes to work every day and also both our sons work for the same company and it has been deemed essential. I worry about them getting the Corona Virus but they are working and having a paycheck and then they would be worrying if they didn’t have that.

I ask every day, do you feel well, are you washing your hands, not touching anyone, yada yada. Probably rolling their eyes as I say it, but I am allowed.

I take walks around the house and around the neighborhood.
These crocus always cheer me, especially the purple ones.
We really could use a little more sun.
When I go outside there is always someone at the window watching me. The six of them are used to having me home and when I take a short trip, it is like I have been gone for months, rubbing, circling and talking, it is like having six dogs.
We have gotten take out a few times and also cooking a lot at home. Chili and Bar Cookies for this night. As I have gotten older those beans give acid reflux, how irritating. Has anyone else noticed this?
My bird feeders were beat up over the winter and also had holes and I lost much feed. When ever you buy a new feeder it takes a while for the birds to find it, it has been about two weeks now. On the old feeders I saw birds looking over the moldy feed that was stuck and I thought they would flock here saying thank you, thank you! Not so……must be practicing social distancing.
This last Saturday was National Quilt Day and so I though I would put a quilt on the porch. This is a crazy quilt made by someone way back in my husbands family. It is over a hundred years old and I use it for a tree skirt at Christmas. It is two sided and the other side has 2.5 inch blocks. Since my art is so colorful I decided that a painting on the door would be really pretty. I have decided to do it everyday and change quilts and paintings. Since my art shows are cancelled until who knows when this is a nice way to show my paintings making it look cheerful since we have to distance ourselves. This painting is titled “Bobs Hideout”.
The next day the other side of the quilt and my poppy painting “Live Out Loud”, shows well on the black door.
A quilt top of my own that I need to finish. The painting is “Oh Happy Day”. I have had fun doing this and hope that my neighbors see and enjoy it. I plan to keep it up for awhile until I don’t.
This girl is a stinker. She will bite one of the other cats if she wants to lay where they are sleeping. One of the other cats started to tap the catnip box so I put some on a plate. Look where this girl is laying….in the middle of the plate. Her face is ornery just like her.
As I had mentioned earlier many art shows have been cancelled and all of us don’t know when the virus will go down. I am going to be putting originals on my shop. I didn’t do this before because I would have been taking them with me. This new painting “Big and Beautiful” is for sale. It is 36 X 36 and if you are interested email me. Look closely there is a cat peeking at you.
My paint the sides also so that there is no need for a frame. It will come with a hanging wire and a nice write up about me and the painting.
I really like this side, it is pretty.
This is another new mixed media painting “Among Friends”. It looks really bright and pretty on my wall and would do the same for yours. There are so many interesting elements in this painting and it is enjoyable to look at.
Like all my paintings I have painted the sides and really enjoy this one.
I am very partial to these poppies, love this French Bulldog and the three birds are a redheaded woodpecker, prinia and a cardinal at the top. I will be putting this one on my shop also. It is 22 X 28. For both you can also purchase prints and note cards.

Summer is my time to do the art show circuit to earn a living so if you are so inclined to have a colorful and happy painting or print or a pack of note cards I would be so glad to send them to you. I do all the printing, packaging and mailing. Click here to go to my shop.

Stay well and safe and may everyone get along. sometimes that’s tough.



Pavel, watching me take pictures outside. They have the best view in the house on my art table. I have that old rug there so they can be comfortable….it’s a cats life.


I am watching Spring come alive through the crocus blooming in my landscape bed outside of my studio window. These were just planted in the fall so I didn’t really know how pretty they would be. I will love it when through the years they multiply. I have really been enjoying them!


Watching the candystriped daylilys green start to sprout up through the dead leaves from last year.


So happy that the transplanted forsythia is starting to bloom. I love watching each plant grow.


I am very tickled with my magnolia tree. Look at this big fat bud, it’s going to be beautiful this year.


The whole tree is covered with these gems. I am so enjoying the development of the buds.


Pretty yellow forsythia.


Another sweet little face looking out and watching me.


Watching the field turn green behind us and wondering what the farmer has planted that had laid dormant through the winter. Also watching the storm develop off in the distance. It’s been a day of rain.

I have a book, “The Best Loved Poems of the American People” and I don’t feel that I appreciate it enough.  I think poems are to be read slowly and one has to absorb them to get the whole meaning of them.  I am going to start using some in my posts to share with you, my visitors. 
I saw God wash the world last night
With his sweet showers on high,
And then, when morning came, I saw
Him hang it out to dry.
He washed each tiny blade of grass
And every trembling tree;
He flung his showers against the hill,
and swept the billowing sea.
The white rose is a cleaner white,
The red rose is more red,
Since God washed every fragrant face
And put them all to bed.
There’s not a bird, there’s not a bee
That wings along the way
But is a cleaner bird and bee
Than it was yesterday.
I saw God wash the world last night.
Ah, would He had washed me
As clean of all my dust and dirt
As that old white birch tree.

Thanks again so much for stopping by!