Flights were coming in and out of the catmint area yesterday faster than I could focus the camera. I cropped 3 that we can see pretty well.

DSC_0378 (2)

This one is ruby throated. I could just sit and watch them all day!

DSC_0377 (2)

Can see the wings really well on this one.


I have been working happily along sewing the leaves onto the tree. It is filling out.


I received this succulent from my niece Wendy this weekend. I was just tickled to get it, had been considering picking some up. I love the tea can she planted it in and it fits perfectly on my windowsill.


sketching out some wildflowers for small watercolors. Mr. Jack-in-the-pulpit.


Pretty white trillium that should be blooming now in the forests. Going through pictures from this biology class has been a real treat. Thanks for stopping.

What’s Up


It’s a really great morning to walk around and see what I have blooming. This doesn’t look like much now but they are the planters beside my front door. There are 5 different plants in the boxes and when they get going they should be very pretty. Orange, white, blue, red and green and lime green. I have seen improvement since they were planted.


The catmint is always a buzz with activity. Cats, bees, butterflys and hummingbirds all visit it. This plant is right off my front porch. I was sitting there with a pink shirt on and after the hummingbird finished at the catmint he flew up to me, so close I could hear his wings. He must have decided I had nothing to give him and flew off.


Galardia daisy, always brilliant.


A new from last year, coral bell, growing nicely.


One of our bushes, a little henry sweetspire.


A different coral bell, bought at the same time. It’s growing but maybe the species isn’t as big as the other.


Whoa! Huge weed alert in the other catmint! Those are on the agenda for next week.


Clematis, so glad to see that it is growing and producing. Beautiful dark color.


I don’t remember what this plant is but the color is breathtaking.


Another bush about ready to bloom. Don’t recall the name of it either.


Purple salvia making a good show.


Every year I plant my spent Easter Lilys and they are coming up. The one on the right is from this year.


This Dogwood, I had decided that it didn’t make it. I bought a replacement tree and was about ready to pull it out of the ground and it finally had sprouts in the spring. The bottom is doing better than the top but we will see what it does.


I have heard it takes awhile for these to get going.


Little Blue pincushion flower, so sweet.


These are going to be a profusion of yellow flowers soon.


This is Lily’s spot to lay during the day. You can walk by and her head will pop up.


That’s where I found her, then she decided to come with me. She is my walking partner. Well that’s all I have for now…thanks for stopping.