Reflections of an Abnormal Easter

This is one of my favorite times of the year, when the grass is so green after coming out of the winter sleep. We have more precipitation to make it that way like we did last night. This Easter morning I am looking out and seeing the birds flitting around and singing. We just won’t see today, the cars all bunching together in driveways for the usual family gatherings this abnormal Easter.

I was thinking about what can be done for today to make it more special than they regular days. I didn’t pick up any of the usual Easter candy in my overflowing shopping cart a couple weeks ago, so there are no baskets this year. I decided on:
Roast Chicken
Mac and Cheese (boxed or homemade)
no knead oatmeal bread
Chocolate cake

We will be missing our one son who lives across town by himself and we don’t want to take the chance to infect each other. We discussed that we will have a celebration when it is ok to be out again. But he is missed greatly.

We have contact often and have been playing Words with Friends together which I am loving. He always beats the stuffins out of me. He is a great game player, in fact he just loves games. For New Years when they were growing up we would eat out and come home and play Monopoly and ring the new year in. I think he looked forward to that each year until he started getting together with his friends and now they play games.

I pulled out pictures from last April because our flowers are not quite as far along in 2020. This is my pot of hyacinths from Kevin last year that I planted and are coming up. I showed that picture in an earlier post.

Another abnormality this Easter is not seeing any overflowing parking lots at churches, at least we shouldn’t. I have been enjoying the Washington National Cathedral each Sunday. I like the feed, it is nice and clear. The music is beautiful, sometimes they have this great piano player and then other Sundays the organist plays one of those grand organs that has all the pulls and layers of keys that is mind boggling to me how it works. I like that both men and women participate in the service and also have Spanish. The message is always good and relates to current events.

We did watch St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York on Palm Sunday and it was ok. The feed wasn’t as clear or the colors, the homily was fine but I still enjoy the other. We have choices, choose the best one for you.
The tulips are not this far yet either.
But I am sure they will be looking like this in the next couple of weeks.
This picture is from the other day with the sunrise reflecting into the pond. Reflections of the abnormal Easter.

My husband, Tom was reading about the 1918 flu pandemic and he noted that they stayed inside for three months. I said how did the economy come back from that? He said it came back well…..we had the roaring 20’s. Then we had the depression. Read here on the History Channel site about the stock market crash and the great Depression. I will do whatever it takes to keep as many people from dying as we can especially my family and friends. It is working and it seems as if other things are coming out from this. I wonder how the earth is doing without so much pollution? I have only found little reports on certain areas, nothing big yet for me. History is very important and we need to be smart and learn from it.
This picture is not the best quality but is recent. Sending bunny love your way.