I came across an artist showing how she does doodling paintings and I was very enamored by it. They looked so fun and possibly easy but then she had it on time lapse which makes everything look easy. I started with an 8 X 8 gallery wrapped canvas to paint over on the sides. Grab some random colors and put them on the canvas. Then keep layering. After you are done with the backgrounds draw simple designs. Many times they can come from designs in your journaling pages. When you are happy with the colors then you outline everything in white or black and go over them a few times and add marks, dots, dashes and splatters. This painting is titled “Bluebird in Love”.
Here is “Doodling Christmas” and I made it the same way. Background, figures, painting, outlining and marks. This one sold right after I finished it.
“Oriole and Tulips” perfect for right now. A fun painting and I especially like the inchworm at the bottom. I am planning on doing many of these for the art season, I feel they will be a good addition to my tent.

New Painting in Shop


Just finished this painting today just in time to offer in my booth this weekend. I will be setting up in Roanoke Indiana at the Art Fair A Renaissance in Roanoke. It will be this Saturday October 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is going to be a beautiful fall day of 63 degrees and sunny. This painting is named “Love Many Things” after the Vincent Van Gogh quote I have added to it.


This is a photo from my tent two weeks ago at Art at the Riverside in Leo Indiana. This was a really nice show setup. All the art booths were in an oval so we could look out and see everyone. The traffic flow was quite good with nice space in between the tents. There were food trucks to choose from for lunch. There was great music groups also. Each show becomes more successful and that is fun! Since this show was close to home it was nice to be able to see people I know too. I hope to see you this weekend.

Babies and Lilacs


Today is just one of those perfect spring days. A little breeze, a sky full of sunshine, green trees, green grass, and the scent of lilacs wafting through the air.


We have baby birds on each side of our house. This was the nest of the house finches a couple of days ago. Looks like there are only two babies left of the 4 that I could detect. They are fully feathered and fill up the nest.


Now the nest today is truly empty. They are out under their mother and fathers watchful eyes, but I am sure they must be in the vicinity.


Then behind us we have the two families of geese. Today has been very enjoyable to watch them. They take a glide around the pond, not straying far from their parents. Then they go up on the bank and plop down on the grass. One of the parents go down to the edge and call them down to take a drink. They come up on the grass and start eating….whatever it is….and they hear a noise and in synchronization turn and run to mom. It’s a treat to watch these babies.


Baby robin, hoping that mom will bring back a juicy worm or is it thinking it is time to take flight. It is certainly standing tall there on the edge of the nest.


The wonderful smelling lilac bush and we have another in the front of the garage. It is putting on a good show this year.


Mother robin, chirp, chirp, chirping at me. She is a busy lady keeping an eye on everything. BTW, I did see her with a big fat juicy worm in her mouth. A mothers work is never done. Hope you are enjoying your spring too.

Happy Birds Mixed Media Painting


I started out with a 14 X 18 wrapped canvas. I wanted a specific aqua color that popped. I took a blue, added mixing white and a touch of green and hit the color I was aiming for.


Adding black to the top and bottom just as a framing technique. I knew I wanted a woodpecker, blue bird and blue jay. Drew those out with a china pencil and added paper elements to two of them. The lattice looking paper came from wallpaper that I cut to achieve the lattice. Using a tree design stencil and embossing paste the tree came alive for the woodpecker. I inked it up with distress inks when it became dry. I then started painting in the birds with white acrylic paint.

Happy Birds 72 DPI with Watermark

Here is my finished painting. I also used some dimensional paint and added sponging and if you can find them sunflower seeds.


I picked up this beautiful frame at a shop in Noblesville, Indiana. It is repainted and distressed and I love it, love it. I am hanging it on the wall with Happy Birds inside of it. This print can be found in my Etsy shop. Just click on the link on my home page. Thanks for stopping!