Kitten #6

This little boy was born last, he took his time coming into the world.

He also has the darkest fur.

He also has pretty markings on his face.

He is very laid back and I find him sleeping a lot. I was worried about him at first but I see him pushing his way through to get dinner too.

Kitten #5

I took this picture first of the little grey striped male because I find him many times on his back sleeping, not a care in the world. This little guy is the first born, he is the only one right now that I see kind of playing by slapping others with his paw. I also have found him trying to scratch his ear with his back foot, it’s really cute.

He is going to be a really pretty cat.

He can walk pretty well for only being two weeks old.

What can I say, he is a sweetheart. I am quite prejudice, after all I helped deliver them.

Kitten #3

This little boy is just real easy going. Just goes with the flow.

He seemed a little camera shy and didn’t like that lens pointing at him though.

I finally got a front view of him. Look at him sitting there with his little paws out in front of him.

He is a really nice little guy and would make a fine pet for someone.


This little grey and white female was protesting her picture being taken or wasn’t happy that I woke her up.

Good picture of her sweet face.

She was protesting so much Mama had to jump up and give her a snuggle.

Her back legs are strong and she gets around pretty well for a little over two weeks old.

Little bit of stripes on her tail and more grey than white.