Art Happenings and Spring is Coming

We hadn’t had much snow until February four weeks ago and then there were three weeks of cold and snow. February gave a punch and then March came and……
Ta Daaaah….spring is coming!
The winds did blow during the storm that dropped 12 inches of snow. We had impressive drifts, ones we hadn’t had for a long while. If you look at the neighbors yard you can see a path that he makes with the snow blower. The have a small dog and he does it so the dog can piddle and run. How nice was that!
Now this is all that is left of that drift, fading away slowly each day. Good riddance, because now we have sprouts coming up. This is very exciting, I just love Spring!

Decided to use this large painting my friend commissioned to take an unprofessional picture of myself. Here I am, and I do love this fun painting.

There is much art happenings to report on. On my home page is my 2021 schedule, it is on the right side. I feel confident that the shows will be a go with the Covid 19 vaccine. I am happy that my husband and I have our first shot scheduled for March 12.

At the Opthalmology Consultants 10186 Dupont Circle, Fort Wayne, there are 12 pieces of my art hanging through the month of April, all always for purchase.

The Fort Wayne Artists Guild is having a members show at the Allen County Library. It is in the Jeffrey Krull Gallery Downtown Fort Wayne. I have two paintings there. It will be up through May 7, 2021. 58 artists are participating so there will be many different mediums to enjoy and purchase.

This last item is very exciting. At Jefferson Point Shopping, 4130 West Jefferson, the Fort Wayne Artists Guild has teamed up with the shopping center, Art Link and Fort Wayne Museum of Art to have an art gallery in one of the open store fronts. It is located across from Marshalls and will be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 to 7. Each month there will be new fresh art to view and purchase and it will be open through August. Each artist will have five pieces and there will be cards and prints available along with other items that the artists offer.

And of course, all the health measures will be in place. Masks, distancing, and hand sanitizer.

I hope that you see a hint of spring at your house. I leave you with a few of my paintings that are hints of spring.

Pink Tulips – Mixed Media on canvas. Prints can be purchased here.
A very early watercolor work that is a good spring depiction.
Harpers Art – The pastels of spring. Prints can be found here.
Love Birds – prints can be found here.
And Then There Were Three – Prints can be found here.
Frida – prints can be found here.
Mom We’re HUNGRY – Prints can be purchased here.

Just a little bit today

This Saturday is my one and only in person art fair this year. There will be 75 artists and vendors with all safety measures put into place, Social Distancing, Sanitizing and masks. I hope that you might want to get out and see some great artwork, soaps, plants, jewelry, pottery and much, much more. I am getting my new work together, cards and prints to have for sale.
This week I took a walk through the neighbors garden and found these little red pretties.
Lisa also has some yellow sunflowers. Always a favorite of mine.
Last week I took an online, mixed media art journaling glass. It was a lot of fun and I also was able to pull out many unused supplies. For example, this was the first time I had used this Eiffel Tower stamp.
Since the journal was about me I found a young picture of my Mom and changed the brightness and turned it into sepia before I printed it.
This was a fun page to do but my die cut didn’t cut perfectly, and that is why I used the saying that I put at the top.

That is all I have this week, the class was a week long and 10 pages. Now I am getting ready for the show.

I hope everyone is well, and stay out of the way of the hurricane. Sheesh….so much going on.

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The Vinoklet Winery Art and Wine Festival

I have just added a new art fair where I will be selling my art. This working vineyard is northwest of Cincinnati and is holding an art and wine fair in September. A woman came into my booth at the Wyoming Art Show and gave an application to me. It looked interesting so I gave it a try and was accepted. I enjoy two day shows because it gives people a chance to come back if they had to go home and think it over or measure, check colors, etc.

Packing My Bags

Excited to venture down into Kentucky for my first art show there. If you are in the area of La Grange Kentucky, which is 20 minutes east of Louisville, stop by. Arts on the Green is located around the courthouse and jail. It should be a great time. Show hours: Saturday 10:00 to 5:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 5:00. Here is the website.