Summer Update

Like all of us, summer is busy. So far I have done five art shows. My most recent one was this weekend at Chesterton, IN. I love this show, it is well run and the customers are fantastic along with fellow artists. Saturday started out great but the rains came and from two to five it just poured. We art fair artists take that chance and watch the weather a lot. Sunday again started a little rainy but people came out with their umbrellas. Since it is August we can have heat or rain and always hope for the best. Going forward we will have 6 more shows and it you would like to visit me my show schedule is on my website.

When I say we, I mean me and my husband. Since I have had the back fusion, I would not be able to do shows on my own. It has been a year and it has healed nicely but my balance is not what is used to be. I have spoken to others who had this surgery and was so comforted to know that they have the same problem. I was thinking that I needed to work harder at physical therapy, but not the case. Tom has just been fantastic to helping put up the tent, I feel very fortunate otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get out there and sell my art and spread the happiness.

This next weekend I will be at Bloomfest. It will have at least 130 vendors and artists. It is local for me and is one day, August 12th. I hope that you will be able to go, it is a fun show. Riverside Gardens is a wonderful venue.

Recently we went to Michigan on vacation and it was so very nice. We did some things but had quiet time at the beach for three days. It was a nicely busy beach, a lot of people to watch and I am going to show a few pictures.

With this picture I liked all the different umbrellas tilted every which way. Kids playing, people walking their dogs, all the boats coming in and out.

Sometimes there are tents and sometimes there is just a cooler and a towel.

This man just enjoying the sun.

This man was braving the 66-degree water. He wasn’t ready to take his shirt off yet.

He got out farther and ended up farther yet. Another day he did take his shirt off and got down to his neck two or three times.

One day we were in search of a new beach chair and just driving around. Here we came across the Cherry Bowl Drive in. We thought about going one night but decided that we didn’t want to stay up for the double feature. This is in Honor Michigan.

The big chair and the hot dog caught my attention. Pull in, I gotta take this picture!

The cow with the cherries, the patriotic rooster and half an Impala against the fence. I don’t know if the other half is on the other side.

We have our favorite eating establishments we always go to and look forward to it. It is just a nice easy vacation.

Other things we have done this summer was go to Foellinger outdoor theater and see, three 70’s groups in one night, The Box Tops, The Grass Roots and The Buckinghams, another night it was America. We had fun and will definitely do it again.

I have had some fabric for two to three years to make valances for our great room windows and finally got them done. They are very tall and it was too bright. It has made a big difference.

Like everybody, we had a couple of graduation parties to go to.

I finished a book on vacation, “Kristen Hannah – Summer Island”. I will do a book review on it later.

Three of my gal friends and myself have been trying to get together for arts and crafts every three months at a different home each time then, we go out to eat. That has been fun to catch up and see each other. One just retired so we like to hear what she has been up to and enjoying her time.

Another gal friend and her husband had come to visit her father, they live in Arizona and we got together for an evening.

We have a Detroit Tigers game coming up soon. On our way home from vacation we drove to Detroit, because we had to pick our seats at Little Caesars Arena because we have a 10 game season ticket package for the Red Wings. We also have season tickets for the Lions but they only play 8 home games and we don’t go to all of them, some of the tickets Tom sells. Those games will be starting in a couple months.

I keep painting, making cards, printing reproductions because I have to keep the inventory up. I have some new paintings on the easel now and will show when they are finished. Thanks for reading through to the end.

If you have any questions be sure to send it to me through the form below, I look forward to hearing from you.

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