studio organization


I don’t know about you but I just can’t work well with my work area chaotic and messy. During the busy time of the Christmas season things become very jumbled in my studio. Sunday I just drove in and started throwing away, putting away and all around organizing it into a wonderful work area again where I can get work done. This is a great storage space and I had to reevaluate what I actually used and what could be moved. So it went from this…..


To this……I can now see what I have at my fingertips.


My high work desk was just piled and I could not use it at all. I was uncovering some very good treasures. Here it is in the beginning….


So much better!


My computer desk and where I like to watercolor paint and also sew. I won’t get any of that done in this state.


It is enjoyable to sit here again. I have many plans and my first art show of the season is in March in Elkhart IN at the RV convention center. I am getting the paint brushes warmed up and ready to spread the paint. It’s nice to have a good working studio. Thanks for checking in on me.


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