Stonewall Jackson


Stonewall is the oldest of my cats, he was born in 1999. He also is the only one I picked out and bought for $40.00. We had just lost our German Shepherd and had another cat that was real friends with our dog Gretchen, so I set out to find another cat. Stonewall was a unique kitten, he would sit on my shoulder when I walked around. When he got older he would jump from the railing on the deck to the roof our our single story ranch. He was a rough and tumble cat and staked his claim on me. I don’t know what he says to the others but they get nervous if I am loving on them and he comes into the room. They get the stop and stare. He is definitely a creature of habit and we go through the same routine every night. I crawl in bed, he jumps up, I hold my hand up, he rubs his head on it, purrs then either sleeps at the end of the bed or on my pillow. He is 16 now and keeps going but is getting thinner. He has a few more years left and would leave a huge hole in my life when he isn’t here. We love him and he loves his family.


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