Sophie May

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One day I was driving to work and saw a tiny animal come out of a ditch, shake their head, walk across the road and right in the middle of it, on the yellow line fall down like it was dizzy. I thought “oh little animal hurry across the road before someone smashes you”! I drove up to it and it was this tiny baby kitten. I did the only thing that one should do, put the car in park, get out, swoop it up, put it on the seat beside me and drive away. I brought her to work and we had quite a few cat lovers there and she got milk and whatever else we had. I don’t know if she was asleep on a vehicle and they took off for work and she was thrown in the ditch or someone intentionally threw her there. Her bottom lip was pulled back and bleeding like she had road rash. She couldn’t have been more than 4 weeks old and weighed all of 12 ounces.


I got her healed up, free of fleas, tried to find her a home, and tried not to love her….but it didn’t work. I couldn’t let her go. She is the sweetest, dearest, most even tempered cat. She is the go between Sebastian and Stonewall when they start growling. She is the resident head licker. If someone is down, she will go lick their head, lick your fingers, and rub against you. She compensated for that bad lip and would always have water dripping down her chest but she did pretty well.


She can also open her own doors. We have levers instead of handles and we don’t have to worry about her getting caught in a room, it’s only if we want to keep her out. If we lock the door, she doesn’t give up. She brings much joy into our lives.

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