So Nice!


Yesterday, the 12th, was my birthday. I really had a great week starting last tuesday, when my son Sam brought home a beautifully decorated yummy 3 layer cake…..chocolate. I was taken out to dinner friday night and also had a couple of chocolate martinis. Facebook has just been loaded with good wishes and I received nice cards and some real surprises. My friend Colleen in Georgia sent a surprise package of goodies. This scarf is a perfect weight (I get too hot!) and beautiful vibrant colors. I fell in love with it.


Colleen is also my book buddy and when she reads a book that she likes she sends is on to me, as in the case of the middle book “The Grief of Others”. She also sent along the left book “Inspired” which I am looking forward to breaking in to. Inspirational short stories. I did a little shopping for me for my husband. I am fascinated with Theodore Roosevelt and want to know more about him. He had such energy and did much for the country and loved America. This is a trilogy and the first book of that group.


Then my neighbor brought over a can of cookies and candy. Everybody delved into that and then she had picked up these cute, cute clips with hand painted fun cats. She knows I am a cat lover and had to get them for me. I absolutely think they are great!! So I couldn’t ask for a better birthday. It was a great day! Thanks for sharing it with me. Surprises are so fun!


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