Slow Stitching, knee update, 4-12-22

Slow stitching is adding fabric, felt, embroidery, buttons, lace…..anything that you can come up with along with various backgrounds. I follow House Wren Studio and watching her do all kinds of great things with just stuff we have at home gave me the itch to do this. I have made many quilts, and my mother was a quilter also and thus I have quite a fabric stash along with buttons and lace and you name it. Since my love of painting has taken over I haven’t been able to scratch the quilting itch. When I discovered slow stitching it has helped me scratch a bit. I just put together a 5 X 7 picture and matt it and then frame it.
I was selling these in my booth at The Shoppes at the Sanctuary in Columbia City. I closed it out because I just could not fill it like I wanted or like the owners wanted either. I think they were glad I chose to close it. Some things work and some don’t, you have to try. It is still a great place to go and shop and find wonderful things.
I am showing this for the framed slow stitching, but aren’t those bears cute too?
I also have old quilt blocks that I slow stitch on and bind them like a quilt. I love figuring out which embroidery stitch to use and what to make out of that piece of an old block.
I have quite a few of the geometrical blocks on the right, they have different fabrics and I just didn’t think they were pretty at all. But taking a piece of it and adding the embroidery just makes it come to life.

Last summer, House Wren Studio was giving an online workshop called My Indigo Kitchen. She put together a wonderful kit that include indigo dye and various beautiful fabrics and lace. I have not done any dying before and watched the videos and will be opening it up soon. With art shows and my knee replacements I wasn’t able to put my kit together, but it is on my list now.

My knees are good, I can bend them well and I am glad I had it done. My biggest problem is that due to sleeping on a chair for two months my lower back has inflamed nerves that go all the way down my left leg. I have gotten one cortisone shot and was due to get another, but the pain management company messed up many of my appointments. When I got the shot, it was wonderful!!! I will not tell who they are, but I would not recommend them if you ask me in person. A very poorly run business that did not manage my pain well. I am starting over with a new company which I will be seeing April 26th. I started addressing this pain in January. It is not easy getting into these appointments, a lot of people need pain help. I am looking forward to that appointment for sure, and will let you know how it took and if I am sleeping and walking normally again. .

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