Second “Find Your Creative Joy” Workshop

My sweet friend Joan was my only student for the second workshop. When I set these up I wanted to try a couple of different days to see which day was more popular. I believe saturday or sunday may be better than friday night. So from now on I will have them on those days.

I love Joan’s little canvas, it is fabulous! She had just visited Vermont and Maine this month and the trees were changing. This was the driving force for her colors, and it worked. It was a bold move with the dark blue sky but then she added a little gray and a little white to give it some movement. Then the dark green and light green with some burlap texture. Good choice patterns for her trees also.

Tearing the sun ray shapes to attach around the sun.

Left side of the canvas with the little flowers and textures.

Right side with the sunflowers.

The top of the canvas with the sun. We decided we really liked the color choices of the sun. She used copper colored paint to put surrounding it. Sign up on my home page to receive blogs posts, unless you are already signed up, to find out when I announce the next Find Your Creative Joy Workshop.


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