He showed up on my front porch in May of 2008. He was very hungry and ragged and begging for food. We had two other cats at that time, Stonewall and Smoke so we were not real keen on taking another cat in. I would feed him on the porch and was waiting to see if he was just passing through and would move on. He would be there every morning with a new injury because he had been out cat fighting the night before. He was a true, feral, tom cat. Oh but he had the prettiest face and this little tiny meow. I waited a month to see what kind of personality he had before I let him join the family. He was a very sweet cat but just wasn’t ready for prime time yet….he had a lot of manners to learn. I took him to the vet to get looked over and his vaccinations. He couldn’t come into the house until that and a dose of Revolution bug killer. I remember the Veterinarian saying to him, these shots have to hurt less than your nightly fights.


He also got neutered and front declawed because he was being played with and took both front claws and stuck them into Tom’s cheeks. Things we had to work on were his habit of snapping at us, he did not know how to play with strings, feathers, etc. He got very over excited when we played with him and his eyes would bug out and he would become agitated. When he would hear a noise he would walk through the house growling like a dog. I believe he had been kicked at some point in his life because anytime our feet would get near him he would lunge at them.


Here he is in July of 2008 after having some TLC. His fur looks much better here than it did in may. He still has his quirks and at times I call him a meathead and other names. I had to take him to the vet in November of 2014 to get an xray on his bladder and the vet found a staple inside one of his back legs. Where ever he was from he was searching for a better place when he found us.

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