Sarah Kay

Hatteras Shoreline with Watermark

In August I created this picture. I don’t say painted because it is more than that. It has torn paper and cut paper, texture paste, stencils, stamping and painting. When I went to my first art fair this was displayed right at the edge of my booth. If I would have been able to collect $10.00 for every time someone stopped and read the quote, I would probably have $500.00. A lady even took a picture of the quote. I really am happy with this picture because it has a lot going on in it. The shorebirds and the seagulls, the sea turtle making it’s way back to the sea after laying her eggs. The quote is just perfect for it and I found a TED video with Sarah Kay. I am fascinated by her. She has the gift of words and so enjoyable to listen to. Please watch the video, it has the quote in it.  If you would like to purchase this original,  email me. A print can be found in my Etsy shop  Have a fantastic day and thank you for stopping by!

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