Santa with his light up cheeks


I was taking pictures of the front of the house and the flash happened to be on and I liked the effect but it doesn’t do it justice.


That’s much better! Snowflake lights, little lighted up trees and lighted lanterns. The far box window has a little tree with red lights on it this year, it’s good.


For the sake of time this year I put up a small tree. We have a very large one but we didn’t have the manpower today to set it up. Old, old, old quilt underneath to cover the table. It is even double sided, the other side is a crazy quilt. It is heavy and made with wool. The tree skirt I bought at a quilt show.


A closeup of a Santa. I like the way he has been made to look old.


A large carved and painted Santa. His face is so different from the previous one.


This little one is made of plaster of paris. My Mother had a mold and painted one for each of the families.


I found him on the bargain table in Kitty Hawk North Carolina. I like his simplicity.


A tiny Boyd Bear dressed in a Santa coat. A surprise from my husband one year. The letters I painted.


A close up of his sweet face.


This girl loves this blanket! Her fur is so smooth and shiny!


Lights on the foyer cabinet.


This Santa has a button on his hand and when you push it his cheeks light up. I believe it was a Hallmark promotion one year.


Sticks with lights I put in a large corner vase. I leave them on as night lights.


I mentioned in a previous post that I just love these faux candles and scratch my head why I didn’t buy some before. I moved these over into the black bookcase and they show up quite well.


The new snowflake garland. Those led lights really put off a brightness! It just about lights up my studio from the outside.


Outside lanterns with fax candles also. I love them, the wind doesn’t blow them out.


My spindly little outdoor trees, I do love them. They were just what I was looking for. I may do a little more with them or I may just leave them as they are. I have some white snowflakes and red bows which would be pretty when daytime comes. I hope your decorating is coming along too.

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