Sagamore Hill


Today we hopped on to the Long Island Expressway thinking that it would be smooth sailing to Oyster Bay, especially since we were on an interstate. No such luck my friends. There are so many people that the speed limit is 55 mph. What would have taken 25 minutes at home took over an hour to get to our destination. Never the less, I was thrilled to get here.


Generally tickets to tour Sagamore Hill can be purchased online for the day that you will be visiting. I tried that and they were sold out so we didn’t get inside. I still loved being there though. When I am at places like this I just stop and think that Teddy Roosevelt built this home, designed it and raised his family here. It was called the Summer White House. He really loved Sagamore Hill and I can understand why. This is the porch he would stand on and give his speeches.


This is the field that people would come and stand in to listed to his speeches.


Family words that are carved about a doorway. I found them in the cemetery also.


Decoration on the house.


Cloeup of the details of the house.


This tree had been planted by the Roosevelt Family.


Big Tree with the roots growing up and out.


Full length of the tree, this is also where the family pulled up and got out of the carriage.


Another side of the house.


This addition was added later and was Teddy’s library.


Edith Roosevelt would come out and sit in the Arbor where it was coolier.


The Arbor near the pet cemetery.


We then went to the town cemetery where Teddy and Edith are buried. Tom and I like cemetery’s, we think they are very interesting.


Lots of greenery and very well taken care of. It was just a quaint small local cemetery. Teddy died at the age of 60.


Pretty black wrought iron fence. It was so pretty and pleasant there.


We were going to go to Fire Island national seashore but just didn’t want to fight the traffic. I am always impressed with the skyline of New York City. It was a fun day making good memories. Thanks for stopping.

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