Remembering 911

19 years and I can still remember how I felt when listening and watching that day. What started out as hearing that a plane had gone into the World Trade Center Tower, thinking it must have been an errant small plane that had gone off course. Then realizing it was full size airliners that were intentionally driven into these towers. I still feel that fearsome pit into my stomach just like that day, when thinking about it.

We visited New York City in 2016 and of course made our way to the World Trade Center Memorial.
I always try to feel what it was like that day for the people walking down the street. For the size of the buildings and the area that they fell… isn’t big in comparison. You watch when the towers fell after burning with the jet fuel and it is unimaginable what terror there was. The people who were in the tower above the hole of the plane and had no way to get down. They would call their families for the goodbyes and some just jumped to their deaths.
The first responders who were there to do what they were trained for and lost their lives when the towers fell.
Just remembering all the souls that were lost that day also at the Pentagon, at the field in Shanksville Pennsylvania. What horror they went through.
We did change that day, life is always throwing things at us but we will prevail, adapt and overcome.
This is in Battery Park in lower Manhattan, which is just down the street from the World Trade Center Memorial. This was between the towers and they have brought it down to Battery Park and turned it into an eternal light. Here is information about it and it seems as if it has been moved closer to the memorial.
This is a picture of the WTC memorial from Battery Park. Think about sitting in that park, or walking through it and watching the planes fly into these buildings.
I want to leave this post with the picture of the Statue of Liberty I took while at Battery Park. Both Tom and I loved New York City. I could have sat there for hours to just take it all in. Looking out at Ferries and thinking about what history happened in this area. These waters are where the British brought their ships up in the 1700’s. These waters split to make the Hudson and the East Rivers and a little further up the Hudson is where the plane had to be landed ten years ago, an amazing feat that was. We could go on, and on and on, we have a wonderful country that always prevails, with pain, but we remember.

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