put together quickly


Deciding to try to participate into this art fair was a quick decision. I had to have my application approved and the deadline was September 1st which I made on that day. I had to wait and hear from the committee, plus I was going to Colorado on September 15th. When I got back on September 22nd, I still had not heard anything, but I started looking in my junk and there was my acceptance letter, that had been sent on Sept. 17th. Now, I really had to kick it into motion if I was going to show a decent amount of inventory. The show was October 10th and I had to also plan a booth. The display board was my husbands and sons job. I painted it and then I just tried to get as many different items done to sell. We had an inexpensive canopy so that would have to do for the time being. I had a rug that I was planning on using and everyone around me had tent sides so that worked out well since I had none. Here is my booth right after we had gotten it all put together.


I finished my banner the day before and I may add to it. It looks similar to my business card.


The other half of my booth. It was really fun to do. I enjoyed interacting with the customers and visiting with some I had not seen in months.


I was so thankful that my sister Linda was available to help me, it is definitely a two person job.


It was a real learning experience and I had so much nice feedback. I have decided to give it a try for the next year. I will be doing a craft show in November and it will be indoors, so I will have to have another kind of booth plan. Here are prints, cards made from handcarved stamps and cute, handpainted rocks  plus my business cards. I look forward to creating new items. Check back because I will be sharing them. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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