Pincushions, pottery and hearts

Decorations and tree were taken down a couple of weeks ago and the furniture was all dusted and the hearts have come out for a few weeks. I left out just a couple of snowmen but I am ready to move on. See the little heart tree? Angie my niece found it and it is titled “here’s my heart”, so perfect! Just fun stuff to greet us in the foyer.

Love, love hearts!

I don’t think I every posted this pottery bowl I picked up at the 2016 winterfair. I use it for decoration but it would be good for salad or pasta, for a large gathering. I just think it is is so unique! For the life of me I cannot find the business card for this person. I know they are in Ohio and she is a teacher and she was doing this part time.

Love all the details and the colors.

The bottom has the unglazed redware with decoration.

The decorations around the handle on the outside. Is this not a wonderful bowl????

It just goes so well on my little table in the foyer. My camera wasn’t too straight with this picture, but it really is straight. There are two deep drawers that I keep candles stored in. The words are, believe in today, your life is now.

Margaret my helper bee, made the sweet pin cushions. They are soft and full of beans, a chick and a carrot. I have them showing off on my cabinet because they are so cute!

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