Peggy Cooper Cafritz

When I go through a magazine and find content that I don’t want to get rid of when I am done with the magazine, I tear it out and put it in a plastic cover to fit into a three ring binder.  That way I can revisit these articles that called to me and recycle the magazine.  I am starting on a second binder now.  When we moved I had many magazines that I had not gone through completely, so one day I pulled out an O Magazine and was completely enamored with this article “Art House”. It was from August of 2009 and about Peggy Cooper Cafritz and her home in Washington D.C.  She was a collector and supporter of African-American art and artists. She was also a civil rights activist, educator, attended gatherings, a collector of friends.  The first picture shows Peggy in her foyer with wonderful large art.  She buys what she loves not what matches with everything.  That is the way to do it.  

In this picture she has such fabulous colorful art with different sizes.  The bottom corner shows the house. Here is the article in OMagazine.

More pictures of her home, I just love it! Art, Art, Art!

So I came across this article again recently and did some more research on Peggy.  This is what I found….Soon after the OMagazine hit the newsstands on July 31, 2009 Peggy’s Art house caught on fire.  She wasn’t there, but was visiting friends in Martha’s Vinyard.  Here is the article from the Washington Post. 

The neighborhood was devastated, it seemed to be the hub of it, with the owner, art and visitors.

A little while later she started collecting art again for her new home.  It was a much more modern, glass and metal home but I think that the art softens it.  She is amazing to me.  She moved to a different neighborhood.  They never found the reason that the fire started but she did win a lawsuit against the city because there was not enough water pressure to put out the fire. 

Sadly in February of 2018 she passed away from complications of pneumonia.  She was 70.  Here is the obituary from the New York Times.

What an interesting woman, taken too early.  Here is another article that was interesting.

If you find a piece of art that calls to you, buy it, it will fit because you love it and it makes you happy. 

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