Original Art – For You

This was an early painting that I still have. It is titled “For You” and came up with that after I painted it. It came to me after reading the lines and thought everyone should say this to themselves everyday.

Follow Your Heart….Everyone should do this….it will make you happier.
Seek Bliss…..also a good thing…..even just getting a cup of coffee or sitting in nature during any season.
Find Happiness…..listen to a Ted talk…..buy a fat quarter of fabric….or a new paintbrush…even a fancy chocolate . Those are things that can make you happy and not cost much money.
Just Love…..be kind to one another.
The background is dark grey, and the hearts are uniform with pretty colors. The line drawings enhance the words and hearts.
One side has a line drawing of a stretching cat with a butterfly on his nose and a sun on his stomach.
The other side also has line drawings of simple botanicals and the bird tail is peeking at the top. The size of this canvas is 18 X 18. If you are interested in this mixed media painting please contact me.

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