Only one day


This last Sunday we had unusually warm weather. It was a beautiful day of sunshine and 67 degrees. I understand that last year on this date it was 15 degrees, what a change. This is right outside of my studio window and is quite “not pretty” at this time of the year. I had also not gotten out to cut down the dead things before winter came.


I took advantage of the unusual temps and cleared out that patch. I planted tulip and crocus bulbs last fall and want to be able to see them pop up…at least I hope they do. This will now be much more pleasant to look at. I only had one day to do this, the temps are going back into the 30’s for the rest of the week.


I also took the time to set up my new square chip reader. It is wireless and also comes with the original square to be able to swipe the cards without a chip. I am impressed with square because it has a simple yet convenient inventory program. It will be easy to find and keep track of my inventory when a customer buys something, very nice. Hope your week is going well.


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