Oh, so much to show

At the end of July we took our vacation to Frankfort Michigan. People always gather on the beach at sunset for the view. This was the best night that we made it to the show. It was good, but at times has been more spectacular.
The sun going through the clouds.

Then dropping behind the last clouds that were very low and touching the water, not to be seen for the rest of the night.
One of my favorite art galleries is the Laughing Fish Gallery in Suttons Bay, Michigan. An hour from Frankfort to the east. So much handmade goodness to look at. It’s a mother and daughter run shop, and Shelly is the mother. She was in the shop that day and was working on the fish. She cuts them out with a band saw and then paints them. I think they are wonderfully unique. I had gotten the bottom one last year, her name is Agnes and then I purchased the top three. The top one is Sheldon then Jelly Bean and Bubbles.
They are so fun! I have them above the doorway going into the kitchen and dining area.
I had to buy new succulents and replant them. I had gotten new potting soil the first time but it had gnats in it or the little buggers were attracted to the soil, I am not sure. Oh, they were just so annoying. I tried to get rid of the insects and killed the plants instead. I found some Miracle Grow soil for indoor plants that is not supposed to draw the bugs. So far so good. These are two new ones.
The one on the right is new and I love the way it looks. The left one lived through my dilemma.
All three of these are new and doing wonderfully!
These two were leftovers and that cactus is just going every which way.
While on vacation we stopped at Gwen Frostic again. I was looking for something that I had picked up last year but they didn’t stock it anymore. I picked up instead these postcards with 15 of her images. I thought they were too small to just send in the mail so I had cut some pretty papers as backings and adhered them onto cards.
I used the far right one to send to a friend and just thought it turned out quite pretty. I am always a fan of her raccoon. Last year I picked up a mug with the image on it and also a pin.
Yesterday I received a new supply of Bath and Body Works. Sophie decided to take over the box and make biscuits in it. Just the right size for her. Cats cannot resist a box on the floor.
I also ordered a new supply of goats milk soap. Oh my goodness, it is so so so creamy. I first tried half bars to see if I liked the fragrances which are very nice and delicate. This order I purchased full bars and she also sends a thank you gift. This one is Goat Milk Facial Scrub and I enjoyed using it. They are a small business located in Indiana and here is their website. It is called the Simple Goodness Soap Company.
I have to share this beautiful, handmade candle rug. My friend Cathy who lives in Arizona made it and sent it and I was delighted. I can’t display it on a table because I will find a cat sitting in the middle of it. I may frame it and hang it. I love it so with the little stiches and small cut out pieces.
Lastly here are two paintings I just got completed and sent off to their owner. This is “Chelsie in the Kitchen”. Size 6 X 6
“Among the Flowers”. Their little 17 yo Yorkie passed away recently and they asked for some paintings that would include her. Size 8 X 8 They were very pleased.

So this next week on Wednesday August 24th I am scheduled for a back surgery. It has been a year full of surgeries and physical therapy. I do hope this is the last for a long while. It definitely is needed and will be a process in recovery. In the lower three lumbar discs I don’t have any cartilage, it disappeared, and the spine is compressing the nerves that go down my legs to my feet. The doctor is going to put three cages in between the discs to straighten me up because I don’t stand up totally straight and will get it up off the nerves, that will be very welcome. Spine surgeries are scary but the people who have had this done have said they were glad and were so much better. My life has been put on hold for the year and I am ready to get back to doing the things I like to do easily. So if you happen to think of me on Wednesday send some good thoughts my way. ❤❤ You will hear from me again to let you know how it went.

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