New York City


Busy, Busy Busy Times Square.


Media overload


Loved the button and needle sculpture in the fashion district.


Everywhere you went in Central Park they were showing you prices to ride the carriage or the bicycle or the ric-shaw. One man followed me across the street trying to talk us into this.


Central Park is very large and we just touched the edge of it due to time constraints. It was neat to see all the people and what they were doing. This person had the back open on her top for sunbathing. Then was leaning over on the front.


People on their phones, people picnicking, others were laying on the grass and snoozing.


Trump tower is across the street from Central Park.


This was in the middle of a round a bout I believe.


Statue in Central Park.


This was just down from where we ate lunch.


The Ed Sullivan Theater. This was on Broadway.We ate at Angelo’s Pizza….it was very good!


To prove we were there.


This is called an Oculous by the World Trade Center Memorial. It is going to be a transportation hub for the city of New York. Here is an article about it.


Looks like they were painting it.


World Trade Center Memorial Pools. It was very moving thinking back to the pictures from 2001 and how terrifying it was. Here is a video that explains the memorial pools.


Walking up West Street towards the 911 memorial is busy, busy, busy. 6 lanes of traffic, tall buildings. This looks like apartments to me and we were amazed at the trees growing on top of the building. Very interesting. So this ends our day in New York City. It was warm, we feel that we have the subways down pat now. But we were going back to our hotels for a nap because tonight is the Billy Joel concert!

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