Matter Park and National Cemetery

We had a little bit of time to fill before the induction ceremony so we drove around and found Matter Park in Marion. This park is a treasure, so many beautiful plants and fountains and areas to sit. There is a big playground and a place to have birthday parties or a wedding. It would be worth the trip if you live close but have never been there. If the day was not as hot as it was I would have enjoyed just sitting and taking it all in. This is the fountain that greets as you walk into the area. Yes that is a violin playing frog.
Loved this big blue butterfly and there are many memorial plaques that people bought to help fund the garden. This area had coneflowers, oriental grasses, milkweed and butterflys all around.
We then drove to the Marion National Cemetery and so enjoyed the big old trees. I enjoy cemeterys and there were many interesting headstones to look at. They say what war the soldier had served in, some had a religious emblem, some also had family members on the back of the stone and when they were born and died.
This monument is in the middle of the cemetery.
A closer look at the sculptures on top, very nice.
A nice breeze for the flag to show its glory.
A newer area with no trees. We found the more recent burials 2015 and later and many people had been born in the 1920’s. I thought this picture was nice with the blue sky, white clouds and white markers.

So this concludes our three days spent in Marion Indiana. It was full and enjoyable, close enough to drive home each evening. We learned and became inspired.
I had a day in between and Tom and I made our way to Detroit for fun for three days. Those will be my next posts, lots of great pictures.

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