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This weekend I am going to be making quite a few masks for various people. These are not mine but it is the pattern. I found this pattern online and everyone says that it is very comfortable and does not move when you talk and I can attest to that also. I do not put a filter liner in but the instructions have them if you wish. The medium size and the childs size are the ones that I have used so far. I use t-shirt material for the straps along with a bead and the coffee bag strips for the nose clip. They work great! We were able to find 100 online and they get cut in two. Here is the online link for the pattern.
This last weekend Noelle and I had a Journaling Art Date. We used the mixed media sketch book with gesso, layers of acrylic paint, molding paste with a stencil. Paula Best and Tim Holtz rubber stamps along with torn paper and cut out words.
We had such a fun time doing our pages together. Journaling is not a perfect art, it is to try new things and to put your personal thoughts down. I asked her if she would like to do another page next month and she was open to that because there are so many different ways we can do it. We will see what fun we come up with once again.
Since I have been organizing , I have been finding gems of books that had been hidden away. The short poems in this book are great and I am sharing one with you. I will probably share more as time goes on.
Especially since the caterpillars are on the move right now. I like to buy used books and here is a site.
I thought I would add the bulgy caterpillar that is in a painting on my easel right now.
Recently, this morning sky was screaming to be photographed.
Everywhere I turned there was a different color and design.
Just Wow!
So many blues and pinks.
Streams across the pond.
Just brighter yet and you can see the design that I took a close up of. I always love the black silhouettes of the trees too. Such glory!!
I picked up Ritz crackers at the grocery and they were wrapped in this packaging, not the normal brown waxed paper. It was more of a treat than just the cracker with cheese on it.
I bought cat grass seeds (which are usually oats by the way) They grow so fast and thick. The cats love to chew on it but I have to watch so they don’t eat too much. I kept finding little piles of grass throw up. This is the case where a little bit is good but a lot is not better.
I am ready for the New Year. This is my favorite calendar, the cover is tough and lasts for the two years. I even have bought larger calendars but forget to use them because this one is always with me. Susan Branch’s art is so cute and uplifting. Bring on 2021!
Another little gem of a book that I uncovered. T love wildflowers, and the art is so sweet. A link to it here.
An inside page talking about identifying birds songs. The whole book is just this sweet.

My husband has some days off and we are going to explore our city and staying close to home. One idea I have is exploring a nature preserve and an old cemetery. We are going to go to restaurants we haven’t been to yet and explore some parks or antique stores, maybe take some picnic lunches. You can be sure I will have some pictures to show next week.
Stay healthy my friends.

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