Mary McElwain Quilts

We took a class that gave insight about Mary McElwain an early quilt entreprenuer. There were quilts made from her patterns, but they were not made by her. This daisy quilt is very charming and it represents the quilt that is on the front of her shop flyer.
The quilt was in such good condition I believe that it was not this one but it was very neat!
What a sweet baby quilt from one of her patterns. She sounded like she had a very good business with 60 employees.
She also must have sold Marie Websters patterns, because this is one of my very favorite quilts. I love poppies and this is just stunning.
The same poppy pattern but made in pink but as stunning.
I really enjoyed looking at these and love hearing about the early quilters who had to do their patterns by hand. They were the pioneers.

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