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Recently in the mail we received our AARP the magazine. I admit, I did not want to even think about getting this when I turned 50. You will start receiving info right after that birthday. My husband signed each of us up for it. The membership has come in handy when booking reservations for the discount and I really love the magazine. It is chock full of interesting information. I like to know about people and this has much of that and, of course info pertaining to people my age. People and history that has happened throughout my lifetime. Things I learned….. Burt Reynolds is coming out with an autobiography. Barbara Walters is 86 years old and is doing a new series called American Scandals. Robert DeNiro is costarring with Jennifer Lawrence in a new movie call Joy. For 2016 we all need to slow down to be healthier and happier. It had been 30 years since the space shuttle Challenger blew up. I remember that day vividly. There was a wonderful article about Diane Keaton. She has her own style and keeps redoing homes and adopted two children later in life, she is now 69 years old. AARP offers a free beauty and style magazine for your tablet, it is for women in their 50’s 60’s and 70’s plus. I am going to download it. It has short stories about people who are doing “their personal best” featuring Joan Collins, Muhammad Ali, Ruth Bader Ginsbug to name a few. And Patrick Dempsey is turning 50, Dolly Parton is 70 and Woody Allen is 80 and has been hired by Amazon Studios to create his first TV series. I love this magazine because it celebrates aging and shows that it is never too late to find your muse. 

kate and leopold

This was a recently watched movie that was cute and entertaining, that is really all I am looking for, no deeper meanings. It was based in New York City and Meg Ryan was in the present and Hugh Jackman was from the 1800’s, he is such a cutie! Their paths cross in a very irregular was that made for a good movie.

the goods

Since my husband is a car salesman now he wanted to watch this movie recommended by other car salesmen he works with. He got great entertainment out of it. Don’t watch it with the kids, it’s a bit dirty.

Used Cars

This is an oldie but goodie…1980. Amazon Prime is even charging for this one still. I think of my Dad with this movie, he loved it! He would just laugh and watched it many times.

Morning Glory

This one I watched on my Prime. I love Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford and then Low and Behold, there is Diane Keaton! Harrison Ford was such a grouch in this movie. Again it was light and entertaining.


As I was going through my pictures to post I came across this magazine cover that I had talked about before. Diane Keaton keeps it going….it’s just really great. I liked this…Diane Keaton on the art of being yourself. Amen to that! Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!


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