Madison Square Garden


July 20th, the whole reason why we made a trip to New York City. It’s finally here, I had purchased the tickets in January. We are here in front of  Madison Square Garden……or the Gawwwwden as I have heard it referred to. The show time was 8 p.m. and it was about 7:20 at the time. Again like every where else in NYC the crowd is abundant. We have met up with our friends the Rauchs and made our way down that hallway that you see straight ahead.


The crowd, it was the nicest crowd I had every been with. No pushing, no shoving, no complaining. I think the people of New York get a bad rap, everyone we met was so nice and helpful. We came away with fantastic memories. We get through the gate and get to our seats at 8:20 and Billy started right as we had sat down.


I loved our seats, this was our view. We were behind the stage in the second section with seats 1,2,3,and 4. I was lucky because no one had purchased the seat beside me. Once the show started I had happy tears for the first couple of songs I was so excited. I absolutely loved the show. I have the piano man video but I cannot get it to upload right now. It’s my favorite when the crowd joins in. It brings chills up and down my back. Thank You Billy Joel for a wonderful show July 20, 2016. The only problem we had that night was the train that we wanted to take back toward our hotel had stopped running.  All the stops they suggested taking,  I didn’t know and it was getting near midnight, so we ended up finding a taxi back to our hotel. We thought that man was a miracle worker and it only cost $22.00 with a $10.00 tip.  Money well spent! We were expecting it to be much more.

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