Looking Ahead in 2017

I am excited to tell you about a weekend trip I will be taking in March. I have always admired Carrie Schmitt and her art work. She is putting on a workshop in Portland Oregon that I signed up for. I got the email and didn’t think too long about going. It’s a small group, 18 people and it will be held in Flora Bowley’s studio in Portland. Making plane, hotel and car rental reservations soon. It will be an awesome time. The link to read about it here.

Then in July Tom and I have decided to take a trip to Maine. See Acadia National Park, stay in Bar Harbor on the Ocean. It looks like a quaint, sweet town. I would like to see many National Parks in the coming years so we are starting with the first eastern most one. Link I will be using to read about the area. So I can say I will be Sea to Shining Sea this year!

We are going to drive and I would like to see the Adirondacks also. This picture is beautiful. Here is the sitehttp://visitadirondacks.com/ I will be using.

I am in the off season for art fairs in the north. This is the time to research and apply to the fairs to participate in. All in all I will apply to 16 for March through October. Now is the time to make art, make changes to the tent, and just prepare for the season. My first show will be For the Love of Art at the Century Center in South Bend Indiana. Come on up and see some fantastic art. Do you have some fun plans for the upcoming year?


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