Let’s Talk About Note cards

Did you know that each and everyone of my prints in my store has a note card that can be ordered too? What is so special about these note cards you ask?

1. You are sending someone art. Not art that you can find everywhere else but only in a select spot. Not Hobby Lobby, not the grocery store or the pharmacy.
2. The print is so good that it can be framed.
3. They are all hand made by me. I make the painting, print the picture, glue them together on heavyweight cardstock, stamp them, print the label and stick it on the back insert them into the cellophane wrapper.
4. They are perfect to have on hand for, thinking of you, if someone is sick. Congratulations card, birthday card, graduation, sympathy or new home.

The stamps that I use are all hand carved by me. I stamp small images on the inside of the cards and on the envelopes. Who doesn’t love to get an envelope in the mail that is decorated? So each card is special and unique. It is always good to have some on hand, occasions pop up when you least expect them to. To find them easily click on over click on overe here.

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