Kitten Update

Andy took the grey and white kitten home to be with her big sister who is also grey and white. This kitten received the name of JJ and the big sisters name is Winter.

Nick took the little boy tiger back to college with him, he lives in a house and goes to Purdue. The kitten received the name of Pete. I understand that he is a constant traveling companion for Nick when he comes back home.

This is Miggy who was from Mama’s litter of kittens born the last week of April. He and Tom were reading the paper and it must have been boring news. He is just a long cat.

We tell him he has a milk mustache. Oh and Mama got all fixed up and there will be no more kittens. She is doing well.

This little boy will be going to my friend Joan along with his sister. She had some plans and couldn’t take them until Nov. 3rd. This one is happy and purrrrrs a lot.

This little girl has so many toes on her one foot, you can kind of see them on the bottom foot. She is a lap sitter and a hand licker. They love each other and she will have so much fun with them. 

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