Kitten #1

I am going to have a post for each kitten so people who are interested in giving them a good home will have a close up they can study. As of today 08-27-17 they are two weeks and three days old. All their eyes are open and they are moving around on unsteady legs. This is a little male kitten. He is the only one with dark legs and look at all his toes. He will be able to balance himself well.

Here is his sweet face and his personality is sweet also. I was sitting on the floor with the kittens and he climbed up into my lap and stayed there.

As like all of them, he is just a peanut right now, comparing to the size of my hand. He has pretty blue eyes right now, that probably won’t stay that way I suppose. Little bit of tiger striping on the front and such a face!

The back legs are not strong yet, but they can still move around where they want to go, which isn’t far from Mama.

So this is kitten #1, just a little more than a handful at two weeks and three days.

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