I knew that this was going to be the most tedious part of my trip, from Lawrence Kansas to Boulder, Colorado. I left Lawrence with a blue sky threat of rain and some lightening. It never materialized much though. I was buzzing along and came by a sign about the Flint Hills. They were just stunningly mesmerizing. They were just rolling and green with cattle grazing on them. I thought “Oh, this is going to be a piece of cake if it is all like this. Kansas isn’t flat at all!” It really didn’t stay like this. The towns were farther apart and away from the interstate for the most part. I had to find gas with my GPS and went 5 miles down the road to find it. My pictures are not that great because I was just pointing and shooting. This is what I was seeing for 3/4 of the trip.


A historical marker at one of the rest stops. I was thankful of the maps telling me where I was at. At one rest stop I left the car on and closed my eyes for 10 minutes to get me through the rest of the trip. Let me mention the wind also, I really had to hand on to the steering wheel! Then there was the heat…I kept watching the thermometer rise until it hit 92 deprees.


In Hays Kansas I went to a nice quilt shop that had been advertised on a billboard along the highway. I then also stopped at a Dairy Queen of which I am showing you their door handles that looked like their red spoons.


In Goodland Kansas there is a large replica painting of Van Goghs Sunflowers. Kansas is the Sunflower state. Goodland is close to the Colorado boarder of which I was thankful for.


The informational plaque as to why there is this huge painting.


Drying sunflowers with their faces pointed down.


Now here is Dorothy’s Kansas. I even think I saw a house that reminded me of Aunte Em’s house. Grey (since I saw it in black and white, Kind of run down and white big metal water containers on it.


Passed Fort Riley Kansas with all the Army trucks and helicopters all lined up.


I thought this was corn at first but it is funny corn and I have since realized it was sorghum. I saw the sign for the Dwight D. Eisenhower presidential library which probably would have been very interesting, but I had to keep going. Finally, I made it to Colorado and Mountain time zone, which was two hours different than my Indiana home. It eventually started getting hilly but I was amazed at the land that just didn’t even have any houses, a few steer and thats it, very desolate for a while. Getting closer to Boulder, the traffic is more abundant, the sun is going down right in my face. I have the visor down and can only see out in a 4 inch space below it. That sun is a killer!! It finally goes behind the mountain and it is instantly dark. I can’t see the road very well because my headlights are on the incorrect setting and I cannot find the correct one, I would have to drive down the road with my bright lights on, having people shaking their fists at me. So I finally get to my hotel and breath a sign of relief. I am finally here in Boulder Colorado. Thanks for stopping!

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