Just a little bit today

This Saturday is my one and only in person art fair this year. There will be 75 artists and vendors with all safety measures put into place, Social Distancing, Sanitizing and masks. I hope that you might want to get out and see some great artwork, soaps, plants, jewelry, pottery and much, much more. I am getting my new work together, cards and prints to have for sale.
This week I took a walk through the neighbors garden and found these little red pretties.
Lisa also has some yellow sunflowers. Always a favorite of mine.
Last week I took an online, mixed media art journaling glass. It was a lot of fun and I also was able to pull out many unused supplies. For example, this was the first time I had used this Eiffel Tower stamp.
Since the journal was about me I found a young picture of my Mom and changed the brightness and turned it into sepia before I printed it.
This was a fun page to do but my die cut didn’t cut perfectly, and that is why I used the saying that I put at the top.

That is all I have this week, the class was a week long and 10 pages. Now I am getting ready for the show.

I hope everyone is well, and stay out of the way of the hurricane. Sheesh….so much going on.

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