It’s Showtime!


The first quarter of this year I was very fortunate to see five plays at four different venues. Sister Act was my first one in January. I loved the movie with Whoopie Goldberg and I equally loved the play. I went with my friend Theresa and of course in January it snowed at least 6 inches while we were out. We didn’t let that stop us from going to dinner though.


In February we went to a Youth theater production of The Kid From Kokomo-The Ryan White Story. It was very enjoyable on two levels. It sent me back to the 80’s and it was like reliving that time all over again. Ryan White was a hemophiliac who acquired AIDS from blood transfusions. The school that he went to in Kokomo Indiana did not want him to attend because AIDS was still new and scary. It made national headlines and he became friends with Michael Jackson and Elton John to name a few. My niece Allie was also in the production which made it very fun on the second level. The kids did an excellent job all over.


On March 1st then my sister Linda and I went to Cabaret. Neither she and I had seen the movie. The only thing we had to go by was Liza Minnelli singing the song which was very upbeat. We came away depressed not from the acting but from the story. It was based in Germany during the time of the rise of the Nazi party. It featured Jews, Cabaret performers, homosexuals and in the end they met their demise because of the Nazi’s. It was not what we were expecting. We like to go to light hearted productions and were surprised when we were done. On another note it was done very well, the actors did a wonderful job.


In mid April Theresa and I went to the production of Jersey Boys. It was so good!!! We had great seats and enjoyed it immensely! It is great to go where you know all the songs that they are singing. If you get a chance you should go see this. You won’t be disappointed.


Then on April 24th my niece’s school put on a production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. Our niece played 3 different parts and the kids were involved in every aspect. How they changed the scenery in the dark was amazing. My husband had her sign the playbill because we feel it will be worth a million dollars in 20 years. Nothing planned for the summer but it looks like there will be some good shows starting in the fall again.

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