It Worked!

On my earlier post I talked about adding the plate to give the birds more room to stand and eat. The reason, I deduced, was that the lip was not big enough for them to hang on to. Must be why the co-op was selling it for only $12.95. I thought it was because it was smaller. I liked that everything was enclosed so the bird seed wouldn’t get wet. Kevin and I added the plate on Sunday and by Monday we had visitors. There had been two bright gold finches but when I got back with my camera they were gone and this sparrow or purple finch was in their place. It is very windy today and they can even hang on while it swings. The reason this picture is crooked is because I tried to fit something else in.
The reason I knew there was a bird on the feeder. A cat rear end.
This morning I looked out and saw Mr. and Mrs. Duck on top of our neighbors house. I hope they were not planning on putting their nest up there! It had to have maybe been a tough landing with the wind speed today. Maybe they were just scouting out the best spot.
Today’s original that was added to my online shop “Taste the Beauty”. This is 24 X 36 mixed media painting on gallery wrapped canvas. It was my garden at one time. You know….flowers come and go. It has a textured sun and textured grass. A great quote by Henry David Thoreau. “A Taste for the Beautiful is Most Cultivated Out of Doors”. It is better to hang the paintings then have them stored away so I have put it in my stairway. Originals, reproductions or notecards, it can be purchased in all three. Click on to go to my store.….If you want to buy anything be sure to use the coupon code Freeship so I can send it to you at no cost.

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