It was time


When I got up this morning I decided it was time to finally put out fall decorations inside. After I took the pictures and transferred I saw these two I took last week and decided to throw them in also. We had our first hard frost and this is the result. Wilted and dead flowers but oh so awesome leaf color of my bushes.


I love the deep burgundy, and then it gets lighter and also you can still see green leaves that dodged the frost.


Sophie has her fall colors going.


This is one of my favorite pieces. I bought this a few years ago from Pottery Barn. It is cast iron and it can be used for dips or candy, crackers etc. I hung the skeleton made from bells on it and brought out a few pieces of Halloween candy. I am going to see how long it takes for the candy mongers to notice.


I have always been partial to glass covers. I am sure there is a special name for them but it has escaped my brain this morning.


I have had this little clay ghost for years. His happy face always makes me smile. The piece of candy corn is made of glass and then the little ceramic pumpkin is fun too.


My mantle, I love the girl riding the crow and the crow has a pumpkin in his mouth. The person who made this used the bottom of a glass candlestick holder.


A tray that I love with the sunflowers as handles.


I pulled out an antique crazy quilt to throw on my Windsor chair. It came from someone in my husbands family. It is two sided and has blocks of various wools and suitings on the other side.


Following me around giving direction.


Placing the largest pumpkin near the floor, the other two are up on the mantle.


I think she is deciding whether she needs to jump on him or not.


This was my Mother-in-Laws basket, she always liked Halloween. See that table, I am planning on chalk painting it, just haven’t decided what color.


A close up of the painted lid. The scarecrow holding the basket is pretty cute. Have you gotten your decorations out yet? Thanks for stopping!


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