I love making art with my pals


We like to get together at least once a summer (though we would love to do it more often) and work with stamping and art supplies. The theme was a folded journal book made from a manilla file folder. We found the technique on good ol Pinterest. Here we are working diligently with our mess of fun. I have my Ipad with the instructions up to read out loud.


We were all flying by the seats of our pants (as I call it). Not really having much of a plan in regards to colors or how we would like the outcome of this project. This is a trial run to see if we would want to finish it or even do it again. The whole idea of the project is to fold the bottom and and score it in fourths to make pockets on the inside and add tags or pictures, etc. Here is my work in progress.


Michelle is stenciling here and her color theme ended up being blues and purples.


Theresa had a yellow or a limy green going here. Then added wonderful stencils and textures in reds. Here you can also see how the bottom is folded up and the start of the pockets. She has a lot of interest going here.


Here are the projects as we ended our sessions. They were not completely finished, but as Theresa said “I could spend a week more just to get this done. She had to do her tags yet. I do love this picture, the colors are great and my friends too!


And here is my partially finished project. I didn’t like it as I was making it but I do now. Sometimes I just have to walk away for a day or two. I put a couple of tags in it that I already had made to see if they would fit. This could be a fun project to give as a gifts and add personal mementos in it.


They both brought me a little somethin somethin which I just love too.


It seems as if they know me very very well. Thanks for sharing in our fun. Oh and if you follow me on Pinterest this is under my Techniques board.

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