Home Baked Goods


I want to tell you about my sister Linda. She is starting a baked goods business that is focusing on lower sugar and sugar substitute, but wonderful taste. There is so much diabetes that people have along with herself that she felt that there is a need for these products and I agree with her.

 We got to be taste testers on Sunday and I love this pie. It was a strawberry rhubarb pie made with Splenda. It had a whole wheat crust and the crumbles on top did have a small amount of sugar, like a tablespoon. It was fabulous, especially warmed up.
 She is working on breads, scones, bagels, cookies and other pies. She will be at the Auburn Farmers Market on most Wednesdays and Saturdays unless she is with me helping at Art Fairs. She chose the name Helen Jean Home-Baked Goods for her business. Helen was our Grandmother and Jean was our Mother, both very good bakers. I wish her the best, and know she will be successful. I look forward to helping her in the bakery booth!

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