His Eye is on the Sparrow


Last night I went to a play with my sister at the First Presbyterian Theater. I had not been there before and it was a really nice surprise. Not only did I see a very good play but they also have a gallery and a one person quilt show was up. These next few pictures are some of the quilts that were there. Each piece of work was as good as the next.  She was a wonderful artist and seamstress.  I like this little quilt with the tiny hexagons in a flower garden quilt. Oh and the play was the title of this blog post-His Eye is on the Sparrow. It was about Ethel Waters an African American singer. It was a one person musical biography starring Mikki White. She was fantastic and I ran a whole gamut of emotions during the two hour show. I was so glad we went.


A lovely little red and green minature.


Another miniature, the star looks like watermelon fabric.


charming little baskets and flowers


A rendition of a mariners compass with sailboats in the middle and on the corners.


Many, Many tiny squares in this quilt.


I loved that this was so colorful. These squares are wonky.


I don’t know the names of this one, but it reminds me of space.


Another colorful and wonky fun quilt.


We then went outside and enjoyed being downtown and enjoyed the streetlights and tall buildings and then took a few pictures. It was someplace we were not normally at. This is my shadow.


Steeple of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church between the trees. It was all lit up and very pretty. Like I said it was an enjoyable evening, and we are planning our next play to go to there. I wonder what they will have up in the gallery this time. Thanks for stopping!

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