Happy 2022

Let’s Party! These five sweet cats had a heck of a time last night. I heard them running through the house. I only made it to 11:30. I said to my husband lets just watch it on TV and sit in our warm bed. Well, I heard him turn off the TV and he said we might as well go to sleep you are already there. The New Year still came in without my watch.

Little update on my new knees. My last day of therapy is Monday. It is bittersweet as I have seen my therapist since the third week of October, and he has helped me so much, but it is time. I can walk without my cane (kind of like a duck, but it is coming along) I have my exercises to do at home, I can climb up into my husband’s truck, I had to use a public restroom that was not the handicap, and I was able to get up. If one doesn’t have a problem that they are coming back from they wouldn’t realize these things. That and chairs with no handles. They shouldn’t even make them.

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas as we did. Eating, opening gifts and playing Heads Up. We can get about three hours out of that game.

I had my operation on Oct. 18th and then I sat out in the garage on Halloween and took pictures of the trick or treaters. Here are a few I especially liked.

I have been getting the applications in for the art shows. My son Kevin has a different job so he won’t be helping me this year, and my husband has a different job so he will be my helper this year. The changing of the guard. I so appreciate the help.

I have to get to making and painting, tomorrow. Lots of things to do.

Take care till next time.


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