Hanging in there-how bout you?

I have a hard time concentrating and find myself wanting to watch information on the television all the time. I try not to turn the tv on in the morning because I don’t get the things done that I need to. The projections are daunting and I pray that they don’t come true. My heart breaks, I know the hospital workers are so worn down and I wish that we all could help them. But the way we do it is not to get this damn invisible thing. Stay home, social distance, wash your hands.

Last night we were sitting on the porch and I could hear a neighbor family playing and the birds chirping. We watched a robin hop around in our front garden and amazingly listen for a worm, peck into the ground and come up with one. It was the first really nice night to sit out and it was like there was nothing horrible going on out in the world. A nice respite.

I am showing you my tiny daffodil spring bloom. They are so sweet.

I worry so much about my immediate family, all three have to leave the home every day because they are deemed essential. Mixed feelings, glad they have their jobs but afraid. I had to go out yesterday to the grocery and pharmacy. I took a towel and large clothes pins rt. I wrapped the towel around the handle clipped it and put the rest in the seat and put my purse on it, and it worked well. I had to buy a lot of groceries….what if we have to quarantine and not be able to go out, plus I really don’t want to go out anymore than I need so I bought enough that should hold us for at least three weeks steadily.
The people behind me, standing behind the designated line had a cart full too. Thank you for the grocery workers, the shelves were pretty well stocked. There was some toilet paper and especially milk this time too, our favorite 1 percent. Last time there was only 2 percent and although it is good stuff I don’t like to get used to that creaminess.
The grocery store had a fair amount of people in it, but not too many to handle. What I think is interesting, people don’t like to make eye contact. It’s like if you do then you might “get it”. I have a hard time with this because I smile at everyone. It doesn’t mean that you have open your mouth. It’s a camaraderie, but I also feel that people are just worried and are hurrying through to get this job done.

I also got gas, with my Kroger points I paid $1.10 per gallon, the world is certainly upside down. I have my Bath and Body works skin sanitizer that smells so good and used that often, along with the sanitizer out at the grocery store. I have a sore spilt on my finger due to dry hands from washing and the sanitizer.

These flowers I am showing are called windflowers or I understand they are a form of anemones. I planted them last year and don’t remember the white one. They will be really beautiful when they spread but are delightful now.
Now, to wear a mask or not wear a mask. I am not going out again until I get my masks made. I have to go get some blood drawn for a medication that I take and the best place I get it done is at the hospital and then I have to go back for the doctors appointment later this month. I am getting my sewing machine out today and whipping some up. There are some with pockets for extra filters to be inserted and I believe that’s the one I will make. I thought that coffee filters might be a useful thing for the disposable filter. We had bought the wrong size, too small and I thought that cutting a corner off would make it fit well in the pocket. It has a double layer but isn’t bulky.

This picture is from this week, one of my cheery porch pics that features my art and a quilt I have. Since social distancing this is my way to reach out to walkers and drivers that come by and also use my art since all my shows have been cancelled so far. If you seen anything that you like you can purchase it from my online store.

This mornings sunrise….Friday April 3rd, 2020. I just loved the reflection on the pond. This captured the best of both, sunrise and reflection.

So I am going to make potato soup, breads, maybe some cookies. Sloppy joes, Mexican casserole off the top of my head. I am pretty well stocked and I am thankful. I asked the check out gal if she sees lots of snacks being purchased as they go down her conveyer belt and she said yes. I feel you can’t go on vacation without snacks, and you can’t go through a pandemic without snacks.

My prediction, when life gets back to a new normal we all may be a few pounds heavier and there will be many new babies after the boom named Andrew in the New York area. I do enjoy watching his steady, calm, empathetic and forthright news conferences. I also don’t think I will be so choosy about toilet paper and tissues anymore.

Take advantage of the programs that have been offered, stay safe, practice all the guidelines and I am sorry if you have been closely affected by Covid 19 and have a loved one sick or worse. We are all in this together.

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