Halloween Faces 2018

My annual Halloween faces edition. I sit on my porch, hand out candy and take the trick or treaters pictures. Most of the time I am met with smiles, once in a while I get puzzeled lookes that say no. My first group here are Ashley and her daughters. Ashley works with my husband and me. Her youngest daughter is Wendy, from the Adams Family 9(using her best deadpan face) and her older daughter is Dorothy Baker, she had a great padded tush!

A hippie and a backwoods hunter.

Scary clowns, a great mask (of I don’t know who?) and a jester.

A sweet little lion.

Lots of black clothing, bones, every year that white mask makes me laugh and the red one in the back is scary!

A horse in the back and then I love the little fox mask. This is a good group.

A pirate and a sweet princess with a cupcake headband.

I wanted a better look at the cupcake and that eye makeup!

A Mother walking along, I loved the zipper!

The prettiest Cinderella that came to my door.

I am not sure what her costume was but it was good and such a pretty smile. That’s it for 2018. I hope you had some cuties too!

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